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In Photophobia photography is showed as a living being. The fragility of the printed image and the expiration of the photographic medium are now interpreted as a virtue carrying an emotional halo. Light, its impact and its representation plays a key role in the paradoxically contemporary aesthetic of the withered that we find in these collages. In them we find overexposed -or in exposure- photographic papers, constantly changing, which also give chromatic unit to the series. Supplemented, photographs that tend to document different points of light together with other encountered ones, with an unique aura -often discolored by overexposure or mistreated by the passage of time-, showing decontextualized anonymous characters, located in many cases in windows of hairdressers, haberdasheries or bazaars... also alluding to the passage of time and the transience of life. When works leave of the two-dimensional representation an get close to sculpture, photosensitive and/or reflective materials are added to this expansion.

Perhaps photophobia is no longer just a word that defines abnormal intolerance to light, but almost a state of mind, a phobia to photography itself, to the image, to the world of images that -as causes all excessive feeling- we are still hitched.

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